Sunset Playlist 28.04.2022

„Sunset Hour – Piano event“ –The sunset hour has a special magic. It is the time when the reality meets our fantasy. My idea was to invite listeners to lean back and let the mind wander.

I played slow piano compositions from the Baroque era to the present day without interruptions. It was a collage of works to depict the sunset, twilight „blue hour“ and the moon.

The feedback of the audience was ..“A real musical treat” with an almost “healing effect”, where the “pulse of the universe” leaves a “feeling of hope and freedom”… “I got a space to reflect and hear my own thoughts” …“Great idea – musical after-work”.

If you want to experience it yourself, 19th of May Thursday18.30 to 19.30 in the Kulturzentrum Neuhausen (Trafo) is our next date in Munich.