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sunset piano - relaxing and peaceful piano

publish January 19, 2023 86
Which events will be successful in 2023?
Which events will be successful in 2023?

Last week I had an exciting discussion with an economist about which events will be successful in 2023. Economists love making models and deriving conclusions from them. I therefore asked him to briefly describe his model. I'm curious if you agree with his 3 c

publish November 6, 2022 346
conversation with Moving Classics TV founder Anna Heller
Murray McLachlan in conversation with Moving Classics TV founder Anna Heller

As the founder of Moving Classics TV, an Internet platform for new piano music, Anna has recorded the works of over 450 contemporary composers with whom she is in personal contact. In the Munich Salon she founded, she combined music and literature in theatrica

publish July 27, 2022 849
Different tastes – food for thought
Different tastes

Working with emotions is a challenge. Today I read an interview in the Munich newspaper with a shop owner who is selling wedding dresses. She has a shop in Munich and in Nuremberg, 170 north of Munich. She has been asked if there is a difference between her cl

publish July 6, 2022 653
peaceful piano music
Sunset Playlist 28.04.2022

Slow piano music for all who would like to tame the intensity of life

publish April 28, 2022 693
Thumbnail Cars and Classical Music
Car and classical music

Dilemma. Yesterday a friend asked me about the difference of emotional experience between the new BMW 7i and a classical masterpiece. He has read in the newspaper this review of a new car: “The emotional experience of a driver has a highest priority – near

publish April 10, 2022 1306
Program Notes 26.03.2022 Olympia Zentrum KulturForum 2

Die Sunset Hour ist ein vorabendliches Konzert zum Zurücklehnen und zum Gedanken schweifen lassen. Das abendliche Klavier-Event beinhaltet ergreifende, atmosphärische und ruhige Werke von bekannten und teils unbekannten Komponisten. Die Musikauswahl und das

publish March 26, 2022 2538
Sunset Hour Klavier Event

Nach einem arbeitsreichen Tag lädt die „Sunset Hour“ dazu ein, zur Ruhe zu kommen, sich zurückzulehnen und die Gedanken schweifen zu lassen. Die „Sunset Hour“ ist ein einstündiges Klavier-Event mit ergreifender, atmosphärischer und ruhiger Musik. G

publish March 17, 2022 738
Oak or Reed
Robustness versus resilience in piano music

Recently I have heard a mind opening speech of one of the directors of the Princeton University, Prof. Markus Brunnermeier. He spoke about the resilience in society and various fields where it can be applied. No surprise that I immediately connected it to the

publish January 13, 2022 1050
Moving Classics 2021
2021 Moving Classics Community Choice – top 10

The rainbow comes unexpected and is always a source of astonishment. Andrei Oloieri a Moldavian composer of modern piano music, caught the unexpected moment and transferred the colours of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple into an

publish December 28, 2021 945
Live chat about modern piano music

Yesterday I joined Jason Tramm from “Music Matters” in a live chat. We talked about the modern piano music, about my work with composers, proofplaying and creativity codes, “Moving Classics TV” story, my personal artistic goals and the

publish September 13, 2021 1559
Night Piano Music - Jesse Voogt - Nocturne Nr. 1
MUSIC …what could possibly go wrong?

Jesse Voogt, Composer of the week with Moving Classics, says: “…well, lots of things could go wrong if you choose a career in music, a career in which even the successful often struggle to make a living.  Usually the story goes: a young artist str

publish August 27, 2021 1333

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