About us

MOVING CLASSICS TV gives contemporary music a creative face in the Internet.

A musical Internet Channel was founded by Munich-based musicians and enterpreneurs in February 2017. MOVING CLASSICS TV stands for zeitgeist, creativity and new ideas.

New music of our times is inspiring. In a world of increasing intensity, in which everything gets much faster, more complex and more extreme, music seeks to strike a balance.

The new music does not consist of atonal harmonies, it offers refreshing and beautiful melodies, in which the power of life comes through. Music of today invites listeners to lean back, relax and to gain strength. The new music gives listeners room for ideas and feelings. It gives listeners what is often no longer possible in today’s everyday life.

We present new music videos and interviews with composers from all over the world every week. It is an invitation for all listeners to make a new image of our present times with contemporary music: discover the beauty of contemporary music, listen to our times and experience what we call „echt zeitgeisty“.

For the composers from all over the world MOVING CLASSICS TV is a unique platform to present their music, to get exposure and feedback from listeners and sell the music sheets. We are using Social Media for the promotion of Moving Classics composers.

What can you expect from MOVING CLASSICS TV?
We share thoughts and ideas from the musical world of today and other areas. Every week we feature a composer of the week in interview and his/her music video. We give you creativity boosts with „My creativity videos“. We share thoughts and ideas from the musical world of today and other areas. We share the latest lifestyle trends. We support you in your creativity quest.

You can contact us at anna@movingclassics.tv