A group of classical musicians from Munich founded the Moving Classics TV Channel in October 2014, with the idea to promote new ways in classical music.  

MOVING CLASSICS TV gives classical music a creative face on the Internet. We combine music with film, image, light and text and provide a new dimension of music enjoyment for all Internet users who are interested in classical music. Our Internet TV Channel shows user-based content and offers musicians and visual artists from all over the world a platform to make their creative contributions to a wide audience. The creative combination of classical music with other art forms makes MOVING CLASSICS TV an innovative Internet TV Channel.

Our program offers a variety of entertainment and information:

• Visual Classics – Video Clips: combination of classical music and film – Video Art: combination of classical music and video art – My Creativity Break: combining classical music and photography
• Musical-literary salon – combining music with literature and theater
Concerti Illumini – combining classical music and lighting design
• Creativity Break – classical and creativity development for business
• Video reports – reports on current topics in classical music 
• Interviews – conversations with exceptional performers
• Blogs – commentary on breaking news in classical music
• Musicians Profiles – presentation of previously unknown musicians
• Locations – presentation of exceptional concert venues

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