Stefano Motta – Danza lenta per una foglia che cade


Stefano Motta about his work: “I wrote this composition in 2006 for solo guitar, commissioned from a friend who was realising a short naturalistic documentary on a park of my hometown, collecting images of flora and fauna throughout the seasons. This was the autumn theme. Its main motif was born from a fragment of a phrase contained in the summer theme. I was looking for something of calm and relaxed, something recalling a peaceful landscape with sweet hills full of trees changing their color from green to red, yellow, orange and brown. The idea came while I was doing something else, as often happens. One day I was walking on a sidewalk full of leaves, and along a little park I was feeling a warm, gentle breeze making leaves falling slowly and slowly spinning. In that moment I start imaging on myself as a red maple leaf falling and spinning, trying to make its movements slowly and slowly and thinking a story of its path from the tree to ground, to the streets, to the fields, to everywhere the wind brings. This version for piano tries to make real some harmonies that on guitar can only be implied or hidden, adding some parts to complete the landscape.7/8 time has been chosen to add some elements of irregularity to the movement. Anyway at the time I wrote this piece I was making studies on compound times, and my main intent was to make them feel as regular. In this case I would like that 7/8 is perceived as an unit and not 4/8+3/8 or 3/8+4/8 and so on, trying to remove accents that could be perceived as a sort of edge. “