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March 17th, 2017

Jan Lisiecki – Moving Classics Interview

Pianist Jan Lisiecki talks about new ways in classical music, fantasy, classical concert ritual and how to attract young audience to classical concerts...

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“Raindrop Fantasia” by Jackie Perks

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

“I heard the raindrops tap tap tap on the window and then increase in intensity, I was immediately inspired to begin writing this piece. …



Milana Zilnik, Piano

“Anger” from the new album “Yet Another Love Story” by Milana Zilnik She was thinking that breaking habits is a cleansing experience. He was …

United Kingdom

Murmuring Stream

Paul White, Piano

This piece is influenced by the style of Bartok, with its use of unusual scales and uneven rhythms. The echoes in the first part …



Lucas King, Piano

Try our sheet music transcription service: ▶ Visit my sheet music catalogue: Performed on the beautiful 8DIO 1990 Studio Grand by 8DIO! …






AnnaFebruary 17th, 2017

“Fantasy Notes” Interview with an American composer Lori Laitman

Described by Fanfare Magazine as “one of the most talented and intriguing of living composers,” Lori Laitman has composed multiple operas and choral works, and over 250 songs, setting texts by classical and contemporary poets (including those who perished in the Holocaust). Her music is widely performed, internationally and throughout the United States, and has generated substantial critical acclaim. Read Lori Laitman's interview with Moving Classics TV
AnnaFebruary 4th, 2017

INITIATIVE: “Fantasy Notes” – Contemporary Piano at Moving Classics TV 2017/2018

Blog about our new project devoted to contemporary piano music
AnnaJanuary 2nd, 2017

Should musicians play for free?

Thoughts about the dilemma of all musicians - to play or not to play...


AustraliaadminApril 28th, 2017

“Fantasy Notes” Interview with an Australian composer and Pianist Emili Rackemann

Emili talks why we can learn from all genres and how to explore our own inner creativity. She explores the music as the reality which also encompasses fantasy.

emili foto
CyprusadminApril 26th, 2017

“Fantasy Notes” Interview with a pianist/composer Danny Rayel

Danny Rayel talks about his experiences with extracting memories from the past to write beautiful music, how to find inspiration and why young people prefer uplifting dance music.

ItalyadminApril 26th, 2017

“Fantasy Notes” Interview with an Italian composer Vincenzo Silvestris

Vincenzo Silvestris talks about how to avoid prejudice against style and musical genre and why the task of the musician should be to call the audience’s attention to the beauty that the music itself has inside.

JapanadminApril 21st, 2017

“Fantasy Notes” Interview with a Japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu

Takashi Yoshimatsu, one of the most prolific and popular of contemporary Japanese composers, talks about his “children”-musical compositions, about searching for individual way and why Professors of compositions would advice their students not to become composers.

USAadminApril 18th, 2017

“Fantasy Notes” Interview with an American composer Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas talks about why creativity is everything to her and that if young people want to go into Classical music as a career, there are so many things you can do with it other than teaching or performing.

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