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October 23rd, 2017

Heart and Brain: What do we expect from music?

Today I am going to speak about our expectations from the classical music. In my previous blog about the price of the concerts I said that when we go to a concert, we expect emotional responses from the music performance. [...] read more.

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“All’Italiana” by Tao Mijares

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

New Classics for our Times Contemporary composer Tao Mijares and his “All’Italiana” per Piano Solo from “Novem Praeludia” All’Italiana is about the happiness that …


Vincenzo Sorrentino – Works Vol.1: Wind Chamber Music

Vincenzo Sorrentino (1973–2013), Wind Chamber Music

Composer: Vincenzo Sorrentino (1973–2013) Label: Da Vinci Classics Genre: Chamber Music Period: 21th Century Catalogue No: C00011 Barcode: 0806810877913 From the booklet: “Vincenzo Sorrentino …






AnnaNovember 29th, 2017

Classical music at the pinnacle of intensity?

Philosophical essay about the intensity and classical music
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AnnaAugust 22nd, 2017

The role of music in our life between harmony and chaos

„Uncertainty was yesterday, today is chaos”...Does the increasing complexity in life have an influence on the way the composers of today write music? When I am playing the music of contemporary composers, I ask myself – does this music express the feeling of modernity? When yes, what is it? Can it be captured in words?
chaos picture
AnnaJuly 23rd, 2017

Inspiration: Myth or Reality

I was always fascinated about the mystery of inspiration. What is behind this phenomenon? Is there a trigger for inspiration?
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South AfricaadminDecember 5th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with South African composer Liam Pitcher

Liam Pitcher is talking about exciting projects that will support a shift in the global perception of music and about the joy of merging classical and electronic music in order to pave a road forward.

ItalyadminNovember 27th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Italian composer Andrea Talmelli

Andrea Talmelli, composer and president of Society of Italian contemporary music shares his fascination about composing and creativity.

Andrea Talmelli
ItalyadminNovember 16th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Italian composer Tiziano Bedetti

Tiziano talks about why making music is a social activity that allows to be in touch with people and grow as a human.

tiziano bedetti
CanadaadminNovember 4th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Canadian composer Luc Martin

Luc Martin speaks about expanding sound palette and how important it is to immerse yourself in the music and listen to it several times.

martin luck interview
MexicoadminNovember 1st, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Mexican composer Juan Luis de Pablo Enríquez Rohen

Juan talks about his thoughts about silence, why he likes experimenting and he gives advice to young listeners to just enjoy the music.