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February 15th, 2016

Jan Lisiecki – Moving Classics Interview

Pianist Jan Lisiecki talks about new ways in classical music, fantasy, classical concert ritual and how to attract young audience to classical concerts...

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GermanyJanuary 20th, 2016

Flight of the Bumblebee

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

Bzzzzzzzz – do you know the sound of a buzzing bumblebee? Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov has found an impressive way to express this sound …

BelgiumNovember 23rd, 2015

Claude Debussy, Clair de lune

Giusy Caruso, piano - Alessandro Giorgi Art Photography, images, Piano

Video extrait “Synesthésie Concert” – Arts Base, Bruxelles 11 October 2015. L’exécution de Giusy Caruso accompagnée par la projection des images artistiques de Alessandro …

GermanyNovember 7th, 2015

Beethoven “Pathetique”

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

The Pathetique video of Beethoven expresses the feeling of running away from fears. It shows the flight to lost places.

GermanyNovember 6th, 2015

“Quando m’en vo” (Puccini, La Boheme)

Eilika (Soprano) and Bernhard Wünsch (Pianist and Conductor), Voice (Soprano) and Piano

please enjoy, as we do in concert!






RobertApril 22nd, 2016

Speed and Tempo: Are They The Same In Music?

Robert Adams from explores the devices composers use to control the speed of their music.
GianmariaMarch 21st, 2016

A mass of life

A Mass of Life is based upon Also sprach Zarathustra, discovered by Delius on a trip to Norway: is a purely humanistic liturgy.
GianmariaFebruary 26th, 2016

The Tempest – William Shakespeare and Robert Johnson

The Tempest saw a strict collaboration between Shakespeare and musician Robert Johnson which gave birth to something unique, getting very close to Opera
The Tempest


GermanyadminMay 24th, 2016

Musicians and Audience

Will the nature of the audience change the way musicians play? For whom does one play?

GermanyadminMay 9th, 2016

Understanding Music through Language?

How native language can influence musical compositions and if we need the knowledge about the language, e.g. German, in order to understand Mozart or Haydn?

GermanyadminApril 25th, 2016

Discover what keeps you going after 45…

Blog about inspirational power of hobbies

GermanyadminApril 21st, 2016

Can Music Scare? Music and Crime

Can music scare? Why some dissonant sound combinations frighten? Have you experienced the music compositions that would make us scared? How did you feel? Thank you for sharing your views! Looking forward to hearing your opinion and feedback!

GermanyadminApril 6th, 2016

“Airing” the mind – More Creativity Through Leisure Time!

Blog about the silence, fresh air, leisure activities and why they are so important