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October 23rd, 2017

Heart and Brain: What do we expect from music?

Today I am going to speak about our expectations from the classical music. In my previous blog about the price of the concerts I said that when we go to a concert, we expect emotional responses from the music performance. [...] read more.

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Accidental Etude by Milana Zilnik

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

“It never ceases to amaze me how music finds its way to come through us from the world and back into the world. Anything …


Meditation II by Moshe Knoll

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

Moshe Knoll writes original Art-Music: it is a living synthesis of Western Tradition with today’s sound. Learn more about Moshe Knoll at “There’s …


A Journey of Love

David Bruehwiler, Piano solo

“A JOURNEY OF LOVE (1990/91) is by far the longest piano piece I have ever composed (63pp). A short time before I started composing …






AnnaNovember 29th, 2017

Classical music at the pinnacle of intensity?

Philosophical essay about the intensity and classical music
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UKadminMarch 21st, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with British-French-Israeli composer Nimrod Borenstein

Nimrod Borenstein shares his vision of music and how to bring the music to an audience.

USAadminMarch 9th, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with American composer Jennifer Higdon

Jennifer Higdon shares her thoughts about new music and how young people may get more exposure to music through Internet.

jennifer and the cat
AlbaniaadminMarch 3rd, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with Albanian composer Artan Hasani

Artan Hasani explains in his interview why the audience loves real music based on emotions: The process of composing is like “a painting in black and white, we just have to add colours. Every instrument has its own colour but we must find the right colour for the right instrument. “

artan hanasi pic
USAadminFebruary 23rd, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with American composer Greg Maroney

Greg Maroney shares his vision of music and explains why music can be mirculous medium to communicate emotional content and touch others.

Greg Maroney
AustraliaadminFebruary 23rd, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with Australian composer Cameron Speirs

Cameron Speirs shares his passion for music and mystery of creative process. His focus is on writing the best crafted, most effective and expressive pieces.