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September 11th, 2017

Classical Music and Salon Culture

Anna's 4th TV-Blog gives an inside view of the traditional "Salon culture" and shows possibilities how to transfer it in a modern way. There is an European tradition of salons and a current trend to revive salons. [...] read more.

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Colors of Piano by Rossano Pinelli

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

New – Inspiring – Beautiful


“Coucher de Soleil et Mer” by Maxime Raynal

Anna Sutyagina, Piano New – Inspiring – Beautiful


“Nocturne 111: A Nocturnal Etude” by Ronald Karle

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

Fantasy Notes Contemporary Piano – musical reflection of the times we live in Composer: Ronald Karle Piano: Anna Sutyagina Produced by Moving Classics TV


“Metamorphosis” by Maria Mifsud

Anna Sutyagina, Piano

“Fantasy Notes” is a musical reflection of the times we live in. Listen to the life with contemporary piano






AnnaAugust 22nd, 2017

The role of music in our life between harmony and chaos

„Uncertainty was yesterday, today is chaos”...Does the increasing complexity in life have an influence on the way the composers of today write music? When I am playing the music of contemporary composers, I ask myself – does this music express the feeling of modernity? When yes, what is it? Can it be captured in words?
chaos picture
AnnaJuly 23rd, 2017

Inspiration: Myth or Reality

I was always fascinated about the mystery of inspiration. What is behind this phenomenon? Is there a trigger for inspiration?
blog inspiration thumbnail


SwitzerlandadminSeptember 24th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Swiss composer David Bruehwiler

Swiss composer David Bruehwiler shares his views about discovering music and why composer has the duty to convey positive emotions to his audience.

AustraliaadminSeptember 11th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Australian Composer Michael Stitt

Michael Stitt explains his concept of landscape architecture and music and how it is possible to create places of Stillness, Meditation, and Tranquility.

Michael Stitt
USAadminSeptember 11th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with American composer Gordon Francis Blaney Jr.

Our Fantasy Notes composer Gordon Francis Blaney speaks about a new role of classical music in the modern era and hwy it is important to share thoughts and feelings through music with audiences.

gordon image
BelgiumadminSeptember 9th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Belgian composer Wilfried Westerlinck

Belgian composer Wilfried Westerlink shares his view of creativity, he is talking why classical composers should think a little more economically and what new projects he is working on.

ItalyadminSeptember 4th, 2017

Fantasy Notes Interview with Italian composer Gian Paolo Luppi

Gian Paolo Luppi explains why music represents his whole life and why the best for young people is to sing in the choir and listen to music