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October 23rd, 2017

Heart and Brain: What do we expect from music?

Today I am going to speak about our expectations from the classical music. In my previous blog about the price of the concerts I said that when we go to a concert, we expect emotional responses from the music performance. [...] read more.

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Piano Etude – H. Leslie Adams

Thomas Otten, Piano

H. Leslie Adams (born December 30, 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American composer. His works have been performed by the Prague Radio Symphony, …



Armand Amar , Piano and Orchestra

Title: Inanna (Extrait de “Inanna”) Album: Moving Music (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Composer: Armand Amar Genre: Emotional Piano Soundtracks Release Date: August 21, 2007 …






AnnaNovember 29th, 2017

Classical music at the pinnacle of intensity?

Philosophical essay about the intensity and classical music
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UKadminFebruary 19th, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with British composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Cheryl talks about her approach to music and why it is the most important thing for her to write meaningful, emotional music that is idiomatically written and highly crafted.

USAadminFebruary 7th, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with American composer Dave Kenney

Dave Kenney talks about the joy of sharing musical experience and why it is important to continue to create colorful, imaginative and exciting music for a new generation.

thumbnail_annas blog
USAadminJanuary 26th, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with symphonic composer Grahame Harris

Grahame Harris tells about his love of strong themes and beautiful exotic harmonies. He admires the nobility of the art and gives some helpful advice to young listeners.

Foto Grahame
USAadminJanuary 25th, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with contemporary classical composer Moshe Knoll

Moshe S. Knoll is composing original Art-Music: he is doing a living synthesis of Western Tradition with Today’s sound. More in his insightful interview

moshe knoll
IsraeladminJanuary 22nd, 2018

Fantasy Notes Interview with Israeli composer/pianist Rami Bar-Niv

Rami Bar-Niv talks about the noblest art form – music – and why music can fill people’s hearts with so much beauty.