Chants Pandoriens Etude I : Le chant des apôtres


Anna Heller plays the original composition by French pianist and composer William Trojman. It is called Chants Pandoriens Etude I : Le chant des apôtres. Study I, titled “The Song of the Apostles,” is a sacred musical piece that evokes the solemn and fervent voices of the apostles but in the modern musical language that is easily understandable to most people.
Composer about himself: “William Trojman
Arranger, Composer, Interpreter, Publisher, Teacher
France, Nice
About the artist
Passionate about the piano since the age of three years old.
Open to many styles including jazz (Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson) free jazz (Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders) and classical (Rachmaninov, Chopin, Mozart Beethoven …), I took lessons at the Nice Conservatory and at home with an international concert performer for several years. Subsequently, I felt free to explore the piano on my own and I started to compose in 2004. I performed on stage (Nikaia, Festival de Mouans Sartoux, Valbonne, Antibes), as well as various places where I played in a group.
My job as a composer is not to remain static. Look for colors, rhythms, different atmospheres to share with the listener. My family and musicians I have met in my life inspire me and help me transmit more emotions
and energy into my music. Today I teach the piano to many students and pass my passion to the younger generation.”

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