Alexander J Schwarzkopf – Smoke


Anna Heller plays “Smoke” from 27 Pandemic Preludes by Alexander J Schwarzkopf
“Excited to share my latest recording from Alexander J. Schwarzkopf’s Pandemic Preludes – ‘Smoke.’ It’s been a journey diving into the set of 27 preludes, exploring their depths and nuances. I especially like this little miniature for its atmospheric quality and evocative unsettling harmonies. I hope this piece resonates with you as much as it does with me”

Composer about his piece: ” “Smoke,” from 27 Pandemic Preludes (2020), is a composition reflecting on the mixture of sound that occurs as the tones coalesce in space, imitating the rising of smoke from a fire. The rhythms and contours of the lines reference the shape of the smoke, curling and shape-shifting as it rises into the air. This piece features a multi-layered, polytonal harmonic language, reflecting the fire, the pockets of hot air that build up pressure and the resulting smoke. ”

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