Who is your favorite contemporary composer? I bet you would find an answer difficult. „Favourite“ music seems to be the domain of grand masters of the past like Bach and Beethoven, with some 20st century exceptions like Shostakovich. If I would ask you about your favourite book, the bestseller list is all contemporary writers! The most watched movies are to the great extent produced within the last couple of years. The galleries are full of visitors when the contemporary artists present their work and even the ballet can be proud of contemporary choreography. Only music seems to be the most conservative of all! The best sold CDs still feature Mozart and Chopin… But do we prefer the same old composition? One possible sociological explanation is that music is always an acquired taste. The mechanism of an acquired taste works through our family habits, our education and upbringing. Through hearing the music once and relating to it. Then saving it in our brain to recognize it again when the opportunity arises and experience the same emotion. Another reason could be the lack of exposure to contemporary music.<br/><br/>

Moving Classics TV is for everybody who is curious and open to new music. We are featuring music written after 1990s. We call this music of the 21st century „new classics“. The composers today write in a tremendous diversity of styles, they are free in using different combinations of genres and elements. Imagine how exciting it is to witness the birth of a new composition and be able to talk to the person who created it, to hear what he or she wanted to express through the music. So many interesting composers deserve your attention! They live our times and reflect it in their music! Their compositions are also our music. I am very excited about open dialogue with all of you. If you have any suggestions, ideas or …compositions, please contact me at anna@movingclassics.tv