Philosophical essay about the intensity and classical music

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Today the intensity in the classical music world reaches its climax: the most beautiful masterpieces are in demand, they are interpreted by the most gifted musicians in the most magnificent concert halls, which are then described in entrancing words by the columnists of the daily newspapers. But is it not a nature phenomenon that when everything is perceived as intense, it inevitably comes to a de-intensification. The “intensive” becomes the rule and norm and loses its attraction. The philosopher Tristan Garcia writes in his book “Intensive Life – Modern Obsession”: “The concept of intensity means a kind of volatile being that is no longer what it is, but it cannot sustain itself and therefore disappears when it appears.”

What will happen in the future with the “old classical music” when the peak of intensity is exceeded? Today new works by contemporary composers are pushing to the light. They are so diverse that they cannot not be assigned to any genre. The main feature of new classical music is the variety of elements and fusion of different styles. This music can be characterized by refreshing, serene and optimistic sounds with distinct melodies that in their own way provide an answer to the increasing complexity and atonal sounds of our daily life. The number of the composers is increasing and at the same time the range of interpretations of their works. The development of music scene goes even further. Especially young listeners appreciate small events and unusual locations. They cannot relate to the exeggerated language of the columnists that appear to them as a relic of days gone by. Today the intense music experience is set against by listening to music without intentions, which invites to think, relax and draw strength. This musical experience leaves room for the development of our own ideas and feelings.

The old intensities disappear; new forms emerge, which one day will disappear again. Intensities come and go. Only the cycles are likely to be shorter, as with many other modern developments. What’s next?



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