Thoughts about playing new music

I have been often asked why I play new freshly composed works by living composers of today. This is all about the joy of discovery. I love the idea of zeitgeisty music – it is the living music put into life by the composers of my times. We share the same worries about the world, we think and we dream together. It is also a strong emotion of creating new music together with the m, the music that will perhaps go into history and will be played and treasured by the future generations.

New music of our times is inspiring. In a world of increasing intensity, in which everything gets much faster, more complex and more extreme, music seeks to strike a balance. The new music does not consist of atonal harmonies, it offers refreshing and beautiful melodies, in which the power of life comes through. Music of today invites listeners to lean back, relax and to gain strength. The new music gives listeners room for ideas and feelings. It gives listeners what is often no longer possible in today’s everyday life.