Piano Learning Queries Beginners Might Have Before Getting Started

This post is about addressing some of the most common questions and doubts people have in their minds who want to learn piano. These people are first looking for answers to these general basic questions and that is why they search for these questions before getting started with learning piano.

Once they get clarity, they are ready to start. I am pretty sure; you will also have some of these questions in your mind if you are looking to learn this instrument. So let’s get started.

Is Piano Difficult to Learn?

A short answer is, No! If you follow a good learning method as a beginner, you can learn fast. There are many ways to learn piano and I would suggest that you should follow step by step well-structured approach. Start with easy things. Almost everyone who wants to learn piano can play some of the very basic easy tunes like Happy Birthday after playing with the piano keys for some time.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano?

Some learn this instrument in a couple of week’s time and some take months. The right person to answer this question is you. How much time can you give to your piano learning daily? If you devote regular time to your learning and follow a good approach that is beginner-friendly, you won’t take too long to learn it.

Sheet Music or No Sheet Music?

Sheet music is not necessarily required to learn in order to learn piano. You can also learn piano by ear. However, if you learn sheet music, this will enable you to open up for new ideas.

Moreover, if you are learning to read sheet music or already know how to read sheet music of piano and also of other musical instruments that you love to play then, do check Jellynote it is an innovative music learning platform with an active community of pros and amateurs.

Can I Teach Myself Piano?

Yes, you can. You can learn by watching videos, but you have to find very good tutorials that are beginner-friendly. Otherwise, you may get confused and lost. If you are not willing to take piano lessons physically, you can take help from online piano learning resources like piano courses and piano lessons. There are plenty of learning resources available online these days.

Can I Learn Piano Online? Or, Do Online Piano Lessons Work?

The answer to both the questions is, Yes! You can learn piano online with the help of various ways like courses, lessons, programs or, apps. You just need to get the good ones. Piano for All, Playground Sessions and Flowkey are quite popular.

What is the Quickest Way to Learn Piano? How Can I Learn Piano Fast?

A simple answer to this question is to practice regularly and give more time. It all depends on how much time you give to your practice. There is no way by which you can learn it overnight. The more practice you do, the faster you learn.

Can You Learn Piano at an Older Age/As an Adult?

Technology has made a lot of things simple and easy these days. Even at the age of sixty, you can learn piano. Here, the key thing is to follow a good step by step beginner-friendly piano learning plan. Check on the internet how adults even up to the age of 74 have successfully learned piano and are enjoying their piano learning journey.

Which is the Best Piano Learning Method?

Physical piano lessons are one of the conventional and the oldest ways, but these days trend is also shifting towards online piano lessons and courses. It also depends on you that which method is convenient for you. Like, some people can go out to take physical piano lessons but some can not leave their homes easily and are looking to learn the piano from the comfort of their home. Especially the older people.

How Can I Learn Piano for Free?

There are a few things that you can do. If you have access to the internet, watch online videos. Take help from free piano learning resources. That could be any blog, website or an app. Talk to your friends who knows how to play the piano and request them to also teach you piano. If you are a student, take help from your music instructor in your institution.

Is Keybaord a Good Way to Learn Piano?

Piano have weighted keys and can offer more action. You can start with the keyboard initially and later on move to the piano. Weighted keys keyboard is also a good option for beginners.