Hard Work vs Talent

I stumbled across one thought provoking sentence in the book that I am currently reading. It is „The Serendipity Mindset – The art and science of creating good luck“ by Dr. Christian Busch. As the title says it, it is a method to turn the serendipitous moments into real opportunities and how to understand the psychology and… anatomy of luck. Does it exist? Can I influence it, how to deal with unexpected and why uncertainty can be very rewarding in the long run.

The sentence that made me think was this:

„While we tend to say that hard work is more important than talent, deep down we tend to believe the opposite. When your idea fails…, you might think I am not just talented enough. Chia-Jung Tsay conducted an interesting experiment: she told two music experts they were about to hear two recordings oft he same piece of music, one by a „hard-working, striving“ musician and another by a „naturally talented“ one. Needless to say that the experts heard the exact same recording. My question to you is… What recording will you prefer? What do you think the outcome of this experiment was and why? Looking forward to discussing with you in the comments below!