2021 Moving Classics Community Choice – top 10

  1. The rainbow comes unexpected and is always a source of astonishment. Andrei Oloieri a Moldavian composer of modern piano music, caught the unexpected moment and transferred the colours of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple into an authentic sound of our times.
  2. “Upon Memory” by American composer Daniel Gracely is a modern piano composition that is dedicated to his father and sister who passed away many years ago. This music has depth.  
  3. Neoromantic piano composition by Óscar Pascasio – Waiting for you  – will remind you of the little emotional moments in our lives
  4. Marco Di Stefano “Tango di una Notte di Fine Estate” (Tango of a Night of the end of Summer). Marco about this composition: “It was one of those nights of August when is too hot to sleep, all I wanted was to be with my lover and so I sat on my piano and wrote this tango to dance with her”
  5. Neo romantic composition “Waltz in B minor” by Polish composer Tomasz Kowalczyk. Exquisite musical fable with much rubato
  6. Anne de Boysson “Boussole”: “Imagine to travel with a compass through the universe. A thought that inspired the French composer Anne de Boysson for her modern piano composition “Compass”. In my interpretation I express the discovery spirit of the fantasy trip – only equipped with a compass and ready to meet the unexpected. “
  7. Our Earth is beautiful and impressive. At the same time she is vulnerable, sensitive and fragile. The modern piano nocturne “Placid Earth” by Andrea Tarantino is a declaration of love to our Mother Earth. In a mixture of fantasy and rationality he picks up all these characteristics and creates a wonderful atmosphere with his music.
  8. November mood? For me it is the month with grey sky. It is the time to stay at the cozy home and listen to harmonic nice melodies. The modern piano composition “Grey Sky – Ciel gris”, a fusion of pop and classical music, by the British composer William Haviland is such a moving piece that always leaves me back in a good pleasant mood every time I play it.
  9. Piergiulio Tempesta “Berceuse” – Wiegenlied – Lullaby. Very warm relaxing piece, Stars, angels and dreams embracing this hauntingly poetic movement, mesmerized by the Dreamer intertwined within this fragile glass World. Lovely, innocent, reassuring. Like a music box for infants.
  10. “Summer in the woods” from the piano cycle “Open Skies” by German composer Hauke Kranz – Die Tastenflüsterin Does the subtle sound of woods have a meaning? Woods spend relief, but can they talk or sing or whisper? For Hauke Kranz – Die Tastenflüsterin the answer is clear. She put her personal experience of a summer day in the woods into a relaxing modern piano composition. She created her own style „Poetic Piano“. It combines the moods of the romantic piano music of Schumann, Mendelssohn and Chopin with elements of film soundtracks and ambient music. With virtuoso playing and sophisticated sound design, the classically trained pianist takes her listeners on a musical soul journey full of emotional closeness and tenderness. Warm enveloping harmonies “right from the heart and stomach” and luminous melodies in the narrative tone create moments to arrive. The melodies, which she brings to life on the piano, unfold touchingly and poetically, and she opens rooms in which people can relax and dream. In her insightful interview Hauke Kranz shares with us her thoughts about creativity, listening process and her relationship to her music!