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easy piano
Piano repertoire suggestions of Beautiful and Emotional Modern Piano Music between passion and serenity (Piano difficulty easy level ) February 2021

If you are searching for modern piano music compositions, here are my three suggestions. 1. Rob Costlow -- Not alone -- Inspiring piano composition with a remarkable melody, a true ear worm. In the new age style. Watch this video on YouTube 2. Modern romantic

publish February 11, 2021 460
piano repertoire blog
Piano repertoire suggestions of Beautiful and Emotional Modern Piano Music between passion and serenity (Piano difficulty level Intermediate – Late Intermediate) January 2021

Jennifer Thomas „Etude for a Dreamer” This composition appears in the Jennifer Thomas (USA) „Illuminations“ album. This etude was inspired by Frederic Chopin’s Etude No. 12 in C Minor, Op.25. It can be described as the original combination of

publish January 8, 2021 1169
Proofplaying service anna sutyagina
Talk with Rhonda Rizzo about Proofplaying Service for Composers

You’ve recently started offering  “proof-playing” services to composers. What prompted you to do this, and  how may composers reach you if they’re interested in hiring you to do  this for them?    “Many years of experience of  communication

publish December 8, 2020 265
Ennio A Paola
Satie Obesessions

„Satie Obsessions“  is a piano collaborative project featuring the variations on the theme from Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 2. The idea came from Kris Lennox in March. His suggestion was to create a modern Hexameron i.e many composers collaborating, and

publish November 4, 2020 967
The role of music in our life between harmony and chaos

Uncertainty was yesterday, today is chaos”. This was the title of an article that I read last week in the Harvard Business Review. Does the increasing complexity in life have an influence on the way the composers of today write music?

publish October 13, 2020 3038
lachert und anna
Thoughts about Polish composer, pianist and friend Pietr Lachert (1938 – 2018)

I have known Piotr Lachert  for 3 years, and he was one of the biggest influences on my understanding of music and piano playing. In fact, he was the first to introduce me into the world of new music. I met him in Facebook, I think he commented on my „C

publish September 15, 2020 438
Musicians and Emotions

Essay about musicians and emotions, the role of music in increasing empathy, the reputation of musicians being highly sensitive, thoughts on creative mind, chills, empathy exercises

publish February 6, 2020 3415
olafur words of amber
“Zeitgeisty Music Volume 2”

“Zeitgeisty Music Volume 2” is an album of 14 modern romantic piano pieces by the composers of today  with dreamy mood and beautiful melodies. They invite to close our eyes, lean back, relax and gain strength. The composers are Karen Tanaka, Peter Max

publish March 22, 2019 1045
Trend Towards Zeitgeisty Music

In many areas today the trend is that everything is getting bigger, faster, more colorful, louder and often just a little bit crazier. Futurologist Matthias Horx claims that every trend has a counter-trend that will eventually prevail. In the future, instead o

publish September 3, 2018 1336
Should musicians play for free?

Thoughts about the dilemma of all musicians - to play or not to play...

publish August 10, 2018 1233
What can a business leader learn from a musician?

Blog about what business leaders and musicians have in common, design thinking methodology, creativity development and sources of inspiration, my creativity break tool

publish June 4, 2018 1217

Who is your favorite contemporary composer? I bet you would find an answer difficult. „Favourite“ music seems to be the domain of grand masters of the past like Bach and Beethoven, with some 20st century exceptions like Shostakovich.

publish March 28, 2018 1293

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