Repertoire Suggestions. 10 Minimal piano music you would love to play yourself.

  • Vincenzo Sylvestris „Unisono“ – the unisono sound of piano makes a striking effect on the listeners. They would hear a palette of infinite colors, with its wonderfully-flowing melody and ever-changing tempo, from dreamy to passionate to exciting and to pensive.
  • Marco Moresco „Thank you Mr. Reich“ – The piano piece is a musical dedication to Steve Reich, American composer, who influenced the generations of pop, jazz and classical musicians over the last half-century.
  • Olivia Kieffer „Girl Absolutely“ – The series of snapshots would make a beautiful background piano piece for a movie scene – I love the sound of innocence in this composition.
  • Joao Balouta „Enigma“ – Decoding thoughts and feelings, seeing clear what has been confusing before and feeling relieved by unlocked emotions. The Portuguese composer of minimal music João Balouta invites you on a self-discovery journey.
  • Bill Whitley „The Circles“ – What keeps this music together is cyclic structures. In these structures there are moments of intensity, of loneliness, and of elation. Each of them are tightly woven, with efficient usage of motivic materials. Try it out. The fantasy through clear structures becomes more visible. You can even touch it.
  • Irminsul „Etude Nr. 9“ – An exciting challenge with wide streches, rapid passagework, unusual harmonics, and hand crossings. Needless to say, it is homage to Philip Glass. A real concert performance piece.
  • Matteo Sommacal „Exile upon Earth“ – Mathematical precision can be beautiful and also a resulting sense of solitude that lasts even when we plunge into the crowd on the streets or when we are surrounded by familiar faces.