Piano repertoire suggestions of Beautiful and Emotional Modern Piano Music between passion and serenity (Piano difficulty level Intermediate – Late Intermediate) January 2021

  1. Jennifer Thomas „Etude for a Dreamer”

This composition appears in the Jennifer Thomas (USA) „Illuminations“ album. This etude was inspired by Frederic Chopin’s Etude No. 12 in C Minor, Op.25. It can be described as the original combination of Chopin, Philip Glass and some modern language piano.

Virtuoso sounding and dramatic, this etude could make a wonderful encore for any classical or neoclassical recital.


  1. Gaby Kapps „Nocturne for a Dialogue in the Night“

Nocturne in a more contemporary and rather metropolitan mood by Italian composer Gaby Kapps.  It wants to represent the dialogue of the lonely and desirous, the general atmosphere of the piece depicting sensuousness, in alternating waves, climaxes and anticlimaxes. Inspired by the millions of dialogues taking place during the wake of the night. This music is inspired by Gabriel Faure, Dave Miles and Erik Satie. I like the dark mood and the velvety sounding chords when I play it.


  1. Dobrinka Tabakova „Nocturne“

Peaceful „night“ piano music, solemn and aching in character. Bulgarian composer Dobrinka composed it at the age of 15. Some listeners describe it as Debussy-like playing style with a modern touch. I like the meditative quality of the music too.


  1. Douwe Eisenga“ For Matthia“

this is one of the most beautiful pieces I ever recorded for Moving Classics. This was commissioned by the family who lost their daughter. Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga writes truly Maximal Music, stuffed with mesmerizing patterns, hypnotizing grooves and lyrical themes. It is full of sensitivity and it needs a subtle touch.


  1. Ad Wammes „La Luna“

“La Luna” is taken from the piano cycle “Dedicated to you – 12 Emotional pieces” written by Dutch composer Ad Wammes. If you are a fan of Italian belcanto, this piece is definately for you.  Composer writes at his webpage that this composition would make a perfect song for Andrea Bocelli. It has a clear melody that flows freely.


  1. Sylvain Guinet „Yuko Takamatsu“

This music relates to the story of a Japanese man named Mr. Takamatsu who decided to learn how to dive to search the sea in the desperate hope to find his wife’s body, who died in the Tsunami of March 11, 2011. His wife’s name was Yuko, she disappeared after she took refuge on the roof of a bank of the Onagawa small fishing harbor on the east coast of the country. The whole harbor got devastated by a 20 meter wall of water. Mr Takamatsu had never listened to music since the tragedy and yet, this piece written as a tribute to his wife enormously helped him, and reconciled him with music. Mr Takamatsu told Sylvain: “this music helps my heart to heal, this piece is my treasure”.


  1. Luka Faulkner „Valse Triste“ nostalgic piano composition

Valse triste is dedicated to the family of a friend in Sweden with whom I spent a magical week in the blisteringly hot summer of 2018. The composition is completely original, but there are hints of several Scandinavian composers, as well as a dose of Rachmaninoff towards the end.


  1. Melanie Spanswick „Lost in Thought” – modern meditative composition

from a collection of 12 intermediate piano pieces called No Words Necessary for students of approximately Grade 3 – 6 level (of the British examination board system). UK composer and piano teacher Melanie Spanswick knows how to write for piano. Her compositional style is influenced by Minimalism, so the movements are tuneful but with an emphasis on harmonic development, whilst also featuring repetitive structures. I felt inspired by the titles too that would bring colorful imaginations.


  1. Alex Rimes „Etude“

UK composer Alex Rimes. Etude in E Flat Major – the first in a set of 24 Neoclassical Etudes for the intermediate player – is a modern take on Bach. Alex about her work: “The subtitle of the piece is “Into the Rose-Garden”- a reference to T.S. Elliot’s poem ‘Burnt Norton’; I wrote this piece during a time of profound heartache, with Elliot’s enigmatic words continually running through my mind: “footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage which we did not take, towards the door we never opened, into the rose-garden”. This piece is a contemplation of what might have been, if things had worked out differently. ”

the sheet music for the Etude in E Flat is now available to buy as a PDF download from the website: www.alexrimes.com

  1. Niels Nørager – „Dream in you“

Tender and subtle music for piano with some Northen stars touch.  The art to listen to our own intuition is the motive of a new piano composition by the Danish composer Niels Nørager. With “Dream in you” he has created a music piece that opens the way to the exploration of our own feelings and thoughts.