5 reasons to listen to Chinese piano music

Music has the emotional power to deeply dive into different times, different parts of the world or in personal stories. In my “World Piano Journey” concert series that started with Russia two week ago you could listen to the famous “Russian Soul” in the Russian piano music. On the 11th of February I will take you on my musical journey into the fascinating world of Chinese music. Here are 5 reasons why this music works magic.

  1. Yin and Yang. This principle of the Chinese philosophy describes how obviously opposite forces may actually be complementary in the natural world, and how they may enrich  each other as they interrelate to one another. You will experience this philosophy emotionally when you hear how the melancholic and atmospheric sounding piano pieces and the staccato dancing, bouncing rhythmic fast pieces give rise to each other.

  2. In Chinese musical symbolism the flowing chords, arpeggios and runs imitate water, which stands in their philosophy for emotions. You will get carried away by the manifold water elements in the piano music.

  3. The music has flowing structures and is often using the high register of piano. This gives the music a peaceful and calm sound. You will feel how relaxing it is.

  4. The music takes you in a world full of phantasy. Already the titles of the compositions stands for the mystery of Chinese culture: „Silver clouds chasing the moon”, „Twin Butterflies“, „Blue Sunset on the red-coloured river“ or „The Flowery Moon Night of Spring River”. Most of them are expressing the natural beauty of flowers, birds and landscapes.

  5. Many piano pieces are folk song arrangements and are rooted in the Chinese culture. You will discover how Chinese composers express the beauty of the land and people by using Western compositional techniques. It is a living developing music.

If you are in Munich on the 11th of February it would be a pleasure if you join me on my “World Piano Tour”. I will play for you the amazing Chinese piano music.