About us

Moving Classics TV is a popular curated discovery channel for new piano music.

The channel has been founded by a team of music lovers from Munich in 2017. It is the biggest launch in Germany for contemporary piano music. It anticipates and accelerates the explosive growth in the genre and an ever growing cross-over into the mainstream.

The MOVING CLASSICS TV gives visitors a valuable inside view of new piano music with contemporary emotions. It surprises and delights its visitors with musical discovery of different styles.  With its videos, profiles of contemporary composers, interviews and blogs internet TV channel brings new music closer to the heart and soul of listeners.

MOVING CLASSICS TV follows new trends of driving interest in piano music: new and younger audience discovering their music through social media. In a world of increasing intensity, in which everything gets much faster, more complex and more extreme, music seeks to strike a balance to the intensive life and offer an emotional escape.

The new piano music consists of tonal harmonies and offers refreshing and beautiful melodies, in which the power of life comes through. Music of today invites listeners to lean back, relax and to gain strength. The new music gives room for ideas and feelings. It gives listeners what one is getting seldom in today’s everyday life – to spend a good time with beautiful and harmonic moments.

Contact us: info@movingclassics.tv