Piano repertoire suggestions of Beautiful and Emotional Modern Piano Music between passion and serenity (Piano difficulty easy level ) February 2021

If you are searching for modern piano music compositions, here are my three suggestions.

1. Rob Costlow – Not alone – Inspiring piano composition with a remarkable melody, a true ear worm. In the new age style.

2. Modern romantic waltz – “The Evening Glow” – Japanese composer Takashi Kako. This waltz was composed as the theme music of NHK TV’s Ningen document or Document of a Human series. The fundamental idea of the program: anyone who is meeting some big challenge may be successful or not. Yet, however hard he or she tries, tomorrow is certain to come. The music entrusts messages of courage, hope and the wonder of life to the melody beginning in minor and ending in major and to the rhythm of waltz.

3. Singing piano – Romanza alla Terra – emotional piano composition by Fabio Mengozzi . “Music for me is a research. I try to explore the mystery of creation”