Moving Piano Vol. 1

In June 2021 Anna Sutyagina released her new CD – Going for legendary music  – new piano arrangements of famous melodies.

10 beautiful melodies of well- known songs or arias from opera arranged as piano version for easy listening and enjoyment in the home office, at work or after hours. The ear worm quality.

Warm and rich piano sound to give you back the memories of your favourite music.

  Giaccomo Puccini „Nessun Dorma“ from opera Turandot – „No one shall sleep“ – one of the best-known tenor arias in all opera. It tells about love to the cold but beautiful princess and about defying the fear of death as the love will always win! The best music of triumph and the assurance of success.

Giulio Caccini. Simple melody of Ave Maria is beloved by many. There is a mystery behind the composer, who was considered to live in 17th century, but there are thoughts today that this composition was created in the 70s in Soviet Union by Vladimir Vavilov. He wanted to hide his real name and to attribute it to the old master due to the religious nature of the music. Very peaceful and sincere timeless music. I often asked myself why it is written in the minor key. It expresses faith, hope and solitude at the same time.

Giaccomo Puccini „O mio babbino Caro“ from opera Gianni Schicchi – Italian operatic composer knew how to write the melodies that stay in our memory forever. „”Oh my dear papa” is a tender appeal to a father with the hope of reconciliation and lyrical declaration of love. Do you remember the time you fell in love for the first time and the challenges that were on your way? If you want to refresh this feeling, O mio babbino is your song.

George Friedrich Händel „Ombra Mai Fu“ – “Never was a shade“ – this melody is known as largo from Opera „Xerxes“, it is the music of admiration: „Never was a shade of any plant dearer and more lovely than that of a plane tree“ if you ever wandered or walked under the burning sun, you would appreciate the soothing quality of this music.

Franceso Cilea  „Io Son Lumile Ancella“ from opera Adriana Lecouvreur – „I am a humble servant of the creative spirit” – This aria tells about a commitment to serve the art and creativity as sung by the opera diva Adriana Lecouvreur. For me it is a song about love of the arts and music.

Oh Danny Boy is a popular Irish song. When somebody starts singing it in a late-hour Irish pub in the evening, an almost devotional silence spreads in the room. This touching song of farewell, grief and hope of goodbye can bring to tears. Some scholars say that this music goes back in time and was first sung in 1690. Every time I hear it, it deeply moves me! There is something architypical in these words that speak to us through time. „Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling From glen to glen, and down the mountain side The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling ‘Tis you, ‘tis you must go and I must bide.“

Jules Massenet „Elegie“ –„ O sweet Spring of yesteryear, green seasons, you have fled forever!“   – sad and evocative music about the lost love. The spring comes again but the feelings had vanished. There is something comforting about this music despite its desperation.


Antonin Dvorak „Song to moon“ from opera „Rusalka“ – Rusalka is a Bohemian „Little Mermaid“ as first introduced by Hans Christian Andersen. This romantic music is about impossible and unequl love. Rusalka is a water sprite who fell in love with a prince but she lives in water and cannot even talk. What can be more moving then to telepathically send the warm thoughts to the moon in the hope that the moon will be more successful in communicating the love to the prince? A real fantasy mood melody.

Richard Strauss   „Tomorrow“ – lyrics of this art song tell the whole story. I wanted to give  an optimistic touch to my new album. „Tomorrow the sun will shine again and it will unite us, we will be happy  and speechless amid this silence of bliss“ Enjoy the tranquility and the flowing harmonies. I hope that you will get the energy out of serene music.

Renaldo Hahn „Heure Exquise“ – „Exquisite hour“  – harmonious music full of subtle perceptions. I love the lyrics, it is a mixture of Gothic spookiness and romantic  sweetness: „The white moon shining in the woods shares a voice of the beloved, the pond reflects the silhouette, black willow, the wind weeps, lets dream – it an an exquisite hour“ I particularly enjoyed the fragile pianissimi and unexpected harmonies that helped to spread the imaginary night – time fragrance.