what do modern audiences expect from composers of today?

When asked why they compose, most composers would say, I want to express myself. They want to express something that they cannot put into words, it is a part of their identity and a way to communicate with the world. Despite the prevalence of marketing, it does not always the case with composers. When asked if they think about the audience, many would say no.

And what about the audiences? What do the audience of today expect from composers of today?

I found this thought in the memories of the Russian 19th century composer Nikolay Rimskiy Korsakov who said: ” I consider that the large audiences are justified in demanding harmonic melodiousness, sweetness and richness..” This idea resonates with the philosophy of Moving Classics – Emotions Unspoken.

What are your thoughts? Lets start some discussions. Another aspect maybe One more thought: “Any authentic work of art must start an argument between the artist and his audience.” – Rebecca West