Richard Willmer – “Elegia d’Autumno”


Richard Willmer about his piece: This piece started life with another, and not quite appropriate, name: Nocturne! The opening motive, a descending scale, is the slow, gliding, fall of a leaf on a still, sunlight afternoon. the lyrical sound of the violoncello and the D major tonality have the warmth of summer days, tinged with the melancholy chill that presages the coming winter. The following lines I wrote in the same express these feelings. “Autumn Is Past I miss the Autumn leaves Blowing gently in the breeze When the days are growing cold And Summer’s green has turn’d to gold. I miss the Autumn glow Before the coming of first snow That turns the forest into dawn, With gold and red not yet withdrawn. I miss the Autumn hue Of fresh mornings wet with dew, Which, when fallen on the grass, Sparkle like mirrors that must pass. I miss the Autumn song Of the birds that go along With Summer’s heat to other lands, And other woods and other sands. I miss the Autumns days When we both would sing in praise Of her beauty most serene Of red and gold and silver green.” 19th September 1994 He recently transcribed this piece for string trio.