George Marshall – Nocturne “Haunted Emotions”


Nocturne is a solo piano work composed for a video game that is currently in development. The game is called Haunted Emotions. George Marshall about his work: “In the game, you play a young character named Albert who had aspirations to be a pianist and composer, much to his father’s distaste. His sister Flori to whom’s memory the Nocturne is dedicated, being an original composition by Albert in the game, supports his efforts by teaching and encouraging him to pursue his dream and passion earlier in his childhood. With this in mind, the work is a sort of quasi-romantic piano work that might have been something a young composer may have written at the turn of the 20th century. Using rolling arpeggio structures and a blend of functioning and non-functioning harmony one might encounter in a 19th/ early-20th-century work. Possibly more the former. I wanted the work to seem organic so I didn’t get too clinical in my effort to create a period sounding work but instead something that wouldn’t be out of place to most listeners as sounding ‘of that time’. I think this allowed me to create something of greater originality too and in a way that conveys Albert’s emotions regarding his sister, her love and her death.” (Here’s a link to the development blog, if video games are your jam:…).