A Journey of Love


“A JOURNEY OF LOVE (1990/91) is by far the longest piano piece I have ever composed (63pp). A short time before I started composing I happened to meet the great Russian pianist/composer Simon Nabatov giving a recital in Zurich. This was such an awesome and deeply impressing performance I had never heard before. After that experience I was eager to compose and I asked myself: How much beauty and virtuosity AM I able to get out of my grand piano? Soon after that, the initial theme of the “Journey” came to my mind (see picture). The following 10 months I spent working on this composition. Its form is free, I just wrote down what came out from my fantasy. Only when I completed the work, I recognized that it tells an adventurous story of a little bird. Although I had never intended to write a work which was to difficult for me, it just came out that way. It took me several years to record it the way you may hear on the video (as I definitely do not have the technical skills that Simon Nabatov and many great pianists have 😉 ). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this incomplete musical adventure…” David Bruehwiler