Dalida Grmuša Maršon

Pianist and Composer




Dalida’s music occurs as a natural artistic expression, from the desire to share it, and implement other people through her musical world. Not only the need arises as an expression in a particular genre, but as the music of the genre, but is the music of the moment and experienced inspiration receives character of improvisation and free form. At the time of execution, some compositions have their final form, and some are created on the spot, as a reflection of the current atmosphere and inspiration.

Dalida Grmuša was born 03. 08. 1989. Graduated primary music school in the class of prof. Gordana Malinović, high Music school in the class of prof. Zlata Maleš, and she studied at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, piano section.

She has won numerous awards at home and aboard. One of them are I price of the competition of yong pianists in Niš, laureate of the EPTA contest dedicated to Frederic Chopin, laureate of the competition ”Josip Slavenski”, I price of the Republican competition for piano duo, II price at the International competition ”A. Scriabin” (Paris) , II price of International competition ”Citta di Gorizia” (Italy), and many others… She has participated in music projects: Tchaikovsky ”Seasons” which was recorded for a TV school program of RTS, S. Rachmaninoff Evnings in SANU, KCB, Pavilion ”Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Evenings of Contemporary Serbian composer in Serbian Cultural Center in Paris, Maribor, Ljubljana and many cities in Serbia, ”Concerto for maaaany hands” in a great hall of Kolarac, as well as the ceremonial concert ”In honor of the Zlata”, also in the great hall Kolarac, where were performed Beethoween’s Symphonies for 8 hands. She participated in multimedia projects ”Chronos” for a group of musicians, actor, video and audio track, ”In a search of soul” for a group of musicians, actors and a narrator.

In early childhood, Dalida showed a tendency for composing and piano improvisation. She had only 9 years, she was performing Chopin’s Nocturne c-minor op. posth. and she wanted to make a joke with her parents and some friends, she played something new, from her head, saying that it is new Nocturne that she is playing, leaving all of them little confused, when she had time to practice that ”new” Nocturne. The biggest influence on starting live concert with her music was Prof. Alan Fraser who was the first person who listened her homemade recordings and supported her in her later work.

Her first authors concert was in 2008. in a concert hall of Dušan Jerković in Ruma, who left a strong impression on the audience. Later she continues with many concerts in many towns and many important halls in Serbia, as: Cultural Center in Ruma, Big hall of SKC Belgrade, First Kragujevac Gymnasium, ”World music day “ in Italian cultural Center, House of King Peter I, the National library of Serbia, Cultural Center of Belgrade, Gallery of Kolarac, Cultural Center of Pirot, Cultural Center“ Studentski grad’’, UK Parobrod, Cultural center of Čačak, Cultural center of Kovin,Cultural center of Novi Sad, “Piano City festival”, Cultural Center of Pančevo, University Gallery of Kragujevac, Castle Belimarković in Vrnjačka Banja…

She is performing her compositions on the Festival of Serbian Composers in Ub,”Piano autumn” for piano 4 hands, and ”Natre” for 2 pianos with pianist Neda Aleksić, and as the laureates performed at the final concert in Cultural Center of Belgrade. In march 2018. she published her first album “Between Two Worlds” which had promotion in Serbian cultural Center in Paris and Guarnerius Art Center in Belgrade. In April she opened the 16th International Festival in Ub, Serbia.

She has appeared in TV shows as: Morning program in TV Kragujevac, Morning program at Studio B Belgrade, ”All the colors of life” RTS2, ”Mira Adanja Polak and You” RTS1, Cultural diary RTS1, Serbian Science Television, ”Serbia online” RTS2,”Unusual Women” at Balkan TV, Radio Kragujevac, ‘’Meetings’’, “Time of sport and recreation’’ At Radio Belgrad1, “Words and Pictures” at Radio Studio B.

And expressed her creativity trough painting and as an amateur photographer.




What does music mean to you personally?

Music is the most spiritual and beautiful thing that has happened to me, the gift for creating for which I am so grateful, my deepest connection with the Universe, my purpose. Music defined me as a person what I am today. :) This is from the heart how I feel when I think about music.

Do you agree that music is all about fantasy?

Music is a set of conscious and subconscious states merged into one, the living of our inner being between the spiritual and the earthly world, as a kind of meditation woven from images and colors transformed into music.

If you were not a professional musician, what would you have been?

It's hard to imagine not to be in the music world, but my great desire was to become an actress, in comedy movies, maybe because of my cheerful nature. Parfumes are my big passion, and I could find my self as a parfumer as well.

The classical music audience is getting old, are you worried about the future?

I think that classical music can never grow old and will always have its audience. Increasingly, artists are trying to modernize classical music, which I personally don't like, but I think that one should be consistent with oneself and one's inner feeling, and then things will turn out for the best. I had many concerts where I performed classical music and I really like playing with other musicians, but I found myself presenting my music, which I would not characterize as classical, but as several genres combined into one.

What do you envision the role of music to be in the 21st century? Do you see that there is a transformation of this role?

The human mentality, human values have changed a lot, even in just a few years. With that comes some new music with some new messages, for some different generations, globally speaking which is a big transformation, because music is often a reflection of both our image of life, our style, and our way of perception.

Do you think that the musician today needs to be more creative? What is the role of creativity in the musical process for you?

A musician who performs someone else's music, in this case I mean classical music, should always hear the performances of other musicians, but not copy them in their interpretation, because then art loses its meaning. Every musician is unique in their own way and needs to make a creative contribution to music because music requires that kind of embrace. In creating as well as performing music, the most important thing for me is to be free, because freedom is accompanied by complete indulge to music.

Do you think we as musicians can do something to attract the younger generation to music concerts? How would you do this?

Honestly, I would not force anyone to listen to a certain type of music, especially not the younger generations, which are still finding and building themselves. I remember myself when I was younger, I wanted to explore music and things that interested me by myself , and I would always ask if I needed some answers.

Tell us about your creative process. What is your favorite piece (written by you) and how did you start working on it?

The interesting thing with music and me is that the presence of creativity is always there, cause music is constantly in my head, while I’m sleeping, or reading, or talking, and many times I just play it from what I have in my head in that moment. One of my favorite pieces is DUALITY, where I made a video also and it represent like most of my music mixed emotions of lightness and darkness, happiness and sadness, hope and despair and Duality have a strong psychological message for me „There is a sign everywhere. Be yourself and follow you dreams“. Trough my music I am realising a lot of things why they happend in my life, the bad ones especially, that they were there for a reason. And that beside all, I will never ever stop this my musical journey .

Can you give some advice for young people who want to discover classical music for themselves?

Listen to your heart :)

Do you think about the audience when composing?

Audience is very important to me. Before every concert I am so exited and while creating music, only imaging a picture of a concert where I am performing and giving a piece of my soul to the audience, and their feedback to that, makes me very happy and grateful, cause the most beautiful way for somebody to know me is to know me trough my music, and I am happy when the listener feels that.

What projects are coming up? Do you experiment in your projects?

Big things are comming for my career and I cant wait to share them with you when it happend. I just moved to Germany and In this exact moment I am planing a beautiful concert here in Pforzheim, when time permits, but I hope it will bi in the nearer future and also I am thinking about Online concert, even for me it is not like a live concert, but why not.