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As a kid I was always tapping and making sounds on every object in the house. Unfortunately I didn’t have musical instruments around me. It was only when I went to high school and played the school’s drum kit, that I knew that this was my Instrument. After a few years I started to feel something was missing. I needed a melody. So that’s when I started to play piano. And I loved it. Drumming has helped my advance on the piano more quickly. I started quiet late on the piano but now put all my time and effort into it. I started my YouTube channel about 2 years ago. The concept that I’m using ensures that everything I play is being visualized clearly. Apart from the cool effect that it gives, it can help people learning piano pieces. For instance if they can’t read sheet music, or when someone just needs to see how a particular part is being played. I discovered that there is so much lesser known, but beautiful contemporary music. I play classical and modern piano music, but my channel is focusing more on modern music. I want people to hear the beautiful music that is out there. Modern piano music is more often simplistic than it used to be. I think people love the beautiful simplicity, because society nowadays is already such a hectic environment. I hope people can find some peace and relaxation when they visit my piano channel, and in the future hopefully enjoy my own compositions. 

Here you can find my piano cover/tutorial videos. I focus on (contemporary) classical, modern, and film music. I use a reactive visualiser and video editing software to combine music with visual elements.

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