Serenade of the Mermaid by Mayumi Kato


So….She becomes a bubble…~
The heart was made to be broken. Pleasure of LOVE lasts but a moment. Pain of LOVE lasts a lifetime.

Pianist: Paul Barton
Composer: Mayumi Kato
Message from Paul Barton…Background: I like the name of my friend Undine (Vinh) and asked her if it had a meaning. She told me “Undine” means “the serenade of the mermaid” which is very poetic I think”. READ MORE BELOW⬇

I thought it was indeed a poetic sounding name and perhaps could be the title of a new piano composition so asked my friend Mayumi Kato what she thought. It appealed to her imagination and she composed this beautiful slow serenade – today – and kindly sent the sheet music this evening, which she wants to share with you too.
bar 1-16 & 33-48 mermaid swimming in the sea
bar 17 she falls in love with the Prince
bar 25 bubbles in the sea
bar 49 she becomes a bubble