Modern Romantic Piano: Jiri Laburda – Valse romantique dans le style de Frederic Chopin


Anna Sutyagina plays Modern Romantic Waltz in the style of Frederic Chopin by Jiri Laburda (b. 1931) (Czech Republic)
This valse is taken from the set of romantic waltzes.

In his early days as composer, Jiri Laburda devoted himself mostly to choral compositions which still assume a pride of place among his works. In composition, he draws on traditional means of expression. Stylistically, he ties on to neo-classicism, in particular. As far as modern techniques of composition are concerned, it is the small aleatoric and dodecaphony which are closest to his temperament. Over the years, Laburda has composed an impressive number of works out of which more than 200 compositions have appeared in print so far. Laburda‘s compositions are easily understandable and are very well received by the broadest sections of music lovers. He has always maintained lively contacts with musicians and amateur choirs for which he composed very comprehensible works. To date, he has produced many compositions for children, notably minor works which children can easily play or sing.

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