Krzystof Knittel – Preludes pour piano – No 1


Anna Heller plays new consonant music by Krzystof Knittel. Prelude Nr. 1 from the piano cycle “Preludes pour piano”. Krzystof about this music: “During martial law in Poland in 1983, a provincial theater commissioned music from me for three short one-act plays – the role of music was limited to filling the stage pauses, during which the decorations were rearranged. This theater did not have much funds, but it cooperated with a good pianist, so I came up with four short pieces for solo piano – the first to start, the second and third as cut-scenes between scenes and the last at the end. Nothing came of this collaboration in the end, but I wrote these pieces and when Piotr Lachert, visiting Poland, asked me if I had something for piano, I remembered these four pieces. Piotr took the sheet music to Brussels, where he lived at the time, and showed it to his friend, who had just started a sheet music publishing house and it was he who released these four pieces.”

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