Dianna Neufeld – Nocturne “For a Winter’s Night”


Anna Heller plays the original piano composition by Dianna Neufeld Nocturne “For a Winter’s Night”

If you are curious to learn more about composer and read her interview, here is a link 👉http://movingclassics.tv/classicpeople/dianna-neufeld/
Sheet music will be soon published by EVC Music.

Dianna Neufeld has a Master’s in Music from the Brandon University,
specializing in Performance and Literature as a Collaborative Pianist. As a
private piano teacher and collaborative artist, she performs with a variety of
musicians, and is a composer who is published within Canada and Europe.
Dianna has enjoyed exploring musical creativity from an early age. She is
published within the Northern Lights CNCM Piano Repertoire books, a
graded educational series in Canada that features primarily Canadian
composers. She additionally writes duets, solos and chamber works for
students of all levels around the globe. A highlight is working with
musicians of all ages at summer music camps within Canada and Europe,
encouraging student creativity, composition and collaboration.
As the President of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association
of the Brandon and Westman Branch, Dianna works together with local
private teachers to encourage and support the future of the musical
community, supporting events which feature Canadian Music and
Canadian musicians. This interest has naturally moved her into the
position as administrator for The Eckhardt-Gramatté National Music
Competition, which is for the performance of Canadian and contemporary
music, a memorial to composer, pianist, and violinist S.C. (Sophie)
Eckhardt-Gramatté. She feels incredibly fortunate to enjoy all aspects of
her musical life and work.

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