Across the Starlit Sky by Jennifer Thomas


Jennifer about her song: “I wanted the listeners to create their own atmosphere for this song, and to feel like they were small beings amongst a huge universe. Keeping the song piano-only was one way I felt that could be accomplished.

This song does not have any remarkable story behind it – other than I was just feeling very ponderous and melancholy while writing it. I did write this song while my piano was positioned right in front of a rather large window in my living room – which at night I could see the starry sky (hence the name of the song). I really enjoyed putting the major/minor transitions into the song. It is a song that I really enjoying playing, because it helps me to connect to my feelings and whatever I might be thinking about at the time.

The photo that I chose to go with this song for the Cd booklet, is a picture my dad took of Mt. Rainier just before sunrise. The funny story about this picture, is that he must have taken at least a half dozen trips to Mt. Rainier to get the perfect timelapse starry sky shot. I really loved this particular one, but he was not happy with it – saying that it was not up to a professional photographer’s standards. I won’t tell you all of the “flaws” he seemed to find in it, but I personally find it to be a beautiful photo and just perfect the way that it is.”