Insights about the "Concert Experienced Amateur Pianists": people who live their passion of playing piano in free time.

When Jeremias Mameghani, who is living in Düsseldorf/Germany starts to play the first notes of Liszt's "Vallee d'Obermann" on the piano he seems to be very relaxed and not that nervous at all. As a listener you might have the expectation when you visit a piano recital. But Jeremias is not a "normal" pianist. Playing the piano and giving concerts is just a hobby for him. In his daily life he works as a self-imployed lawyer. Jeremias belongs to a group called "concert experienced Amateurs".

Jeremias explained to "Moving Classics" that about 26 years ago the first competition for non Professional pianists, that means for those whose main income does not come from making music or teaching, was founded in Paris and is still held every year end of march. Since that the "Amateur scene" is growing and growing. Actually there are about a half dozen of competitions held in Europe every year, all two or even all three years. In the United States competitions are Organized in about six cities als well. Some competitions had to be cancelled again like Berlin or Vienna, other cities like San Diego / California are planning to establish a new one. Did you Know there is a Chopin competition for Amateurs in Warsaw all there years? The last one just took place in september, only 40 candidates from all over the World were selected. And there is also a Van Cliburn competition held in Texas all five years. Both competitions are a Highlight for all Amateur pianists. Being invited is a big Privileg, only the best Amateurs are chosen.
Jeremias tells, that most competitions are like a big come together of friends. Candidates know each other and keep friendships from Australia to Japan and from Russia to America. In Germany there are about seven or eight pianists who compete regularly. They feel like being a big Family. These friendships sometimes are worth more than an award in a competitions. Jeremias, who is also 1st Prize Winner of a competition tells, that he and his friends started inviting each other for Playing concerts. This is how you make your dream from childhood come true: Travel and play the Piano. Many pianists start to establish concert series or Festivals in their home towns. Paris has a big Festival every year in Theatre Chatelet, Organized by Amateur Julien Kurtz. Jeremias started organizing concerts in Düsseldorf, Windeck (close to Cologne) and Munich with his Friend Anna Sutyagina. The pianists always free in their choice of Repertoire. This and being financial Independent is the big advantage of being an Amateur Pianist.

If you want to see what Amateurs can do on the Piano you're invited to visit the concert at Piano Fischer store in Munich upcoming Sunday at 11 a.m. in Munich. Country:

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