Alexandre Manhaes talks about why music is a way to reach something beyond ourselves. He speaks about the mystery of creation and why the classical music show come to people from its ivory tower.

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What does music mean to you personally?

It is a way of trying to reach something beyond ourselves. Something that we can’t fully understand but is part of what we are and what we think of life.

Do you agree that music is all about fantasy?

By its nature music is and should always be about fantasy. When music is out of the realm of fantasy something in it is lost.

If you were not a professional musician, would would you have been?

I would like very much to be a professional who deals with form. Maybe a writer, a shoe maker, a carpenter.

The classical music audience is getting old, are you worried about your future?

Yes. Like almost everything nowadays which is made with a more refined quality is becoming more and more obsolete. Young people are trained to consume more from less.

What do you envision the role of classical music to be in the 21 century? Do you see that there is a transformation of this role?

It must be part of real life, not be placed, as sometimes happens, in an ivory tower.

When I say that classical music is searching for new ways or that the classical music is getting a new face, what would come to your mind?

Internet. It brought a broader new audience. Classical music was never so available as it is today.

Do you think that the classical musician today needs to be more creative? Whats the role of creativity in the musical process for you?

He/she must be creative at all times; they must have that hunger for excellence, but they have also to acquire new skills, be aware of the whole process of music: creation, production, distribution.

Do you think we musicians can do something to attract young generation into the classical music concerts? How will you proceed?

Yes, we do. I think that music should be treated as something of everyday life not be seen as a rare and unreachable event. People get afraid of this, so they don’t get involved.

Tell us about your creative process. Do you have your favourite piece (written by you) How did you start working on it?

If I’m working in a vocal piece, the text is my main guide as regarding melody (rhythm mainly ) and harmony; otherwise I rarely start a new piece with something previously in mind.

We, Moving Classics TV, love the combination of classical music with different disciplines: music and painting, music and cinematography, music and digital art, music and poetry. What do you think about these combinations?

It’s excellent. The most important is that each one of them feed and be fed by the other part equally.

Can you give some advice for young people who want to discover classical music for themselves?

Today we have internet. Go there and listen as much as you can without prejudice.

Now it is a common practice in the media to talk that the classical music is getting into the consumption business, do you agree? We are speaking about the supply and demand rules and how to sell your “product” in your case your compositions. How do you see it?

There is nothing wrong with it as long as quality and artistic integrity be in the front line of the whole process.


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