Juan María Solare – “Between the years”


Juan María Solare composition “Between the years” (from CD “Sombras blancas” – “White shadows”)

This piece is called this way because it was composed … between the years! Concretely, on 31 December 2009 and 1 January 2010 in the small village of Worpswede, North Germany.

Premiere by the composer: recital “Neue Konsonanz”, 16 January 2014, Theatersaal of the university of Bremen.

Zwischen den Jahren is included in the composer’s piano album “Sombras blancas” (White Shadows) and released through the German label Janus Music & Sound. Find it on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5ElRtKQhuaTyl8vKiyEyZv

Interested in the sheet music? Find it on Sheet Music Plus:


Musically, the piece is mostly based on major seventh chords with their fundamentals notes related by thirds. The harmony has also a Lydian flavour which becomes most obvious in the central section. Structurally, is roughly A-B-B-A, whereby the re-aparition of a previous section is quite variegated.