Vladimir Sterzer

Composer and Pianist, Piano Teacher




Vladimir Sterzer was born on June 30, 1982 in Novoaltaisk, Siberia, Russia. At the age of 9 he received his first piano lessons. After only 2 years he took part in various talent competitions and won them all in the next 3 years. He was then taught by a professional piano teacher who worked to get him to study music at the University of Novosibirsk. Due to his exceptional abilities, he was able to visit them without examination procedure. This was Vladimir's first step towards a professional concert pianist.

In 1996 he had to leave the university because his parents emigrated to Germany. Here he went to the music school in Altötting and then studied at the renowned Mozarteum University in Salzburg. Classical music, jazz and popular music were his core study. This influence as well as elements from film and commercial advertising music can also be rediscovered in his compositions today. In addition to the composition of piano and film music, Vladimir now works as a teacher for classical piano, keyboard and guitar. Together with his bandmate Johann Dirschl, he has also been producing notations, CDs and videos for his own pieces since 2009, which has led to an increasing interest from viewers from all over the world and the growing demand for CDs and notations. Vladimir Sterzer is one of the few artists who has managed to become known without the music industry, television and radio. Today, about 1000 visitors watch his videos on YouTube alone every day.

Due to this success, MUNDUS MEUS was released in 2010 as a sheet music book incl. CD. The sales department has been carried out by DUX Verlag and we since the time of the sheet music book. Digital distribution is carried out exclusively through us or all known platforms such as Amazon, iTunes and Co.

In Dec. 2010 our YouTube account counts more than 600000 visitors and also the music books, CDs, MP3 and PDFs to MUNDUS MEUS are well received, so we decided to produce a follow-up album under the name PHANTASIA MEA. The completion of the album was more work than expected, so it was worked on for more than 1 year. Since June 2011, however, this one has also been available and has also been published by DUX Verlag.