Angeline Bell – Pink Sunset


Anna Heller plays the original piano composition by Angeline Bell “Pink Sunset”

Read more about the composer here:

Angeline Bell is a Malaysian piano teacher and composer in Crawley, UK. She started composing piano music in March 2022 while isolating with the coronavirus. Editions Musica Ferrum took an interest and published My Lyrical Notebook, My Quirky Notebook and My Garden Notebook, which has been nominated for Best Contemporary Repertoire or Series by the Art of Piano Education Awards 2024. Angeline has also signed record deals with Digitality Records, Blue Spiral Records and ARC Music (part of Naxos). Her music can be heard on Spotify and other platforms. Angeline started learning piano at the age of six and passed her Associate of Trinity College London diploma at the age of sixteen. She obtained her degree in Music at the University of East Anglia and would travel to the Royal Academy of Music to study piano with Ruth Harte. After completing her Postgraduate Certificate of Education, she taught music in a secondary school before setting up Bell Piano School at her home.

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