Vladimir Titov: Nocturne – “Beloved”


About the music of Vladimir Titov

The expressive language and musical style of Vladimir Titov is a unique combination of romantic imagery, sophisticated and colorful sound palette of impressionism and spicy impulsive vibrations of jazz. Possessing efficient academic education, he is well at balancing between such various esthetic and stylistic models, synthesizing them into his own sound substance. Herein the Vladimir Titov’s music certainly possesses its own graceful and unique individuality.

Musical images, reflected in compositions’ titles, reveal the unique inner concept of the musician’s creativity. On the one hand, some titles refer to quite realistic images, feelings, moods (e.g. “Pretty Woman”, “Your Glance”, “Rush”, “Come Back…”, “Game Of Sparkling Rain”, “Poteshki” (Maslenitsa Festival), “Beloved”, “Jazz-Tonic”). On the other, the composer is strongly enchanted and appealed by transcendental issues (e.g.”Beautiful Extraterrestrial Girl”), mythological motives connected with various ethnic and folklore traditions (e.g. ”Shaman”, “Mermaid”, “Barabashka”, “Lonely Jinn”, “Shishiga”, “Eros”, “Oceanid”).

The first encounter with Vladimir Titov’s compositions suggests that the composer’s work is rooted in emotional and imagery nature of the musical language, exposing various, often contrastive, conflicting or complimentary modes in his music. The piece “Your Glance” op.2, obviously inspired by the piano “pearl” of the great impressionist C. Debussy “The Girl With The Flaxen Hair” in its intonations, represents the mode of yearning. On the contrary, the piece “Rush” from the same opus expresses action. The miniature “Come Back…” from op.3, like a movie screen shot of lonely and gloomy mode, is succeeded by a sketch “Game Of Sparkling Rain” op.3, bursting with joy, delight and happiness.

However, a deeper and a more precise look into Titov’s music would discover a new edge of creative process – that is constant experimentation with different space sound parameters gratifying a true pleasure to the composer.