Our "Fantasy Notes - Contemporary Piano" Composer Grzegorz Miśkiewicz talks about his creative process and his compositions

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What is your approach to music?

My approach to music depends on to whom I address it. It is a context - otherwise I write music for children and young people differently to adults. You have to bear in mind certain requirements, limitations or possibilities. In this sense it is a kind crafts. Besides, there is no music without craft. So down to earth that to think well of all the circumstances upon which the load-bearing capacity of my music. Always empathizes with the customer, I want to give people what I'd like to receive. This is the top layer, but underneath it is the only musical idea. No matter for whom something is designed, it is important that it was true, flowing from the soul, and myself moving.

What kind of music do you compose? Do you have preferences for the musical genres?

I write different music - for piano, choir and the mixed - vocal and instrumental. In choral music I'm always looking for the sacred element. It does not matter what is the religion. A belief counts in something that is supernatural, the supernatural should manifest itself in the sounds. Of course, I use the Christian texts, but they have a very wide moral, ethical, cultural connotation so that they carry with them something more than religion. It is a kind of common good, in which everyone can sign.

What is special about your piano music?
In the piano music is important the entire structure - melody, harmony, rhythm, tone. It's all in the right proportions so as to maintain a happy medium. It has to be the breath of life, it has to be the smell and color of the beloved things, because I can see the music, not just hear. Hence my every song has a title, as in the music program.

You write much music for children. Do you compose for children differently?

In the editions of children's music I always ask children to illustrate my tracks.
Composing for children puts me in a very nice psychological situation - everything in me unlocks, then each piece is formed within a few hours. When I put a more serious task, then it increases self-criticism and the work goes much slower.

Are you worried about the future of classical music?

Nowadays all music has its audience. Both this ambitious, as well as this, which in some circles is not worth mentioning. It is impossible to predict the future, but you have to work on the present so that the future underestimated the effects of this work. Work as best you can. If you manage to put in your works of universal value that you can sleep sleep of the just.

Now it is a common practice in the media to talk that the classical music is getting into the consumption business. We are speaking about the supply and demand rules and how to sell your “product”, your compositions. How do you see it?

Well, everything is a commodity, if we want to make a living. This does not mean that this product is of poor quality. He is only sold as bread or pears. There are people who need to earn some money. It is a pity that at least earns the creator or performer.
In my case - when I want to promote my music, then I give it to the publishing house. With this business I get a very small fees, but it is more so that consumers recognize me. Then I can offer them what they do not buy in a bookshop music, but only through me.


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