Different tastes

Working with emotions is a challenge. Today I read an interview in the Munich newspaper with a shop owner who is selling wedding dresses. She has a shop in Munich and in Nuremberg, 170 north of Munich.

She has been asked if there is a difference between her clients in Munich and Nuremberg. And her answer was astonishing: “In any case. In Nuremberg, the little princess dream is more in demand. We sell romantic models here. In Munich, women buy significantly more collections that appear simpler and more modern. The bride in Munich is more chic and elegant, but more reduced. She usually wants less glitter. Purchasing power is also slightly higher in Munich than in Nuremberg.”

Isn’t is exiting to compare the taste of a bride with the tastes of a modern piano listener. Some of them wants to listen to dreamed romantic pieces. Others prefer minimal atmospheric music, that impresses with elegant, reduced but smart composed sounds.

The shop owner of the wedding dresses has found her clients because she understood their taste in a perfect way.

In modern music world we have also a very diverse audience. The challenge of any musician is to understand them in a better way.