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Classical music as a sign of social distinction?

Blog about why classical music can be viewed as a sign of social distinction

publish June 3, 2018 2910
Learning from History – is culture an option? Lessons from the Barock times

Do you think that politics and our society will be increasingly turning to art and taking on topics such as literature, architecture, music, theater, dance, and painting?

publish March 28, 2018 3673
Digitalization. Classical music 4.0 Part II.

Personal observations about classical music trends in digital age

publish March 21, 2018 2016
Digitalization: Classical Music 4.0 Part I

Thoughts about digitalization: development in technology and how it affects the classical music

publish March 20, 2018 1884

Assumptions about values in today's society and unexpected conclusions about the future of classical music.

publish March 19, 2018 1726
Learning creativity with Pablo Picasso

What can we learn from creative process of Pablo Picasso?

publish March 10, 2018 1670
Concert halls and classical music

Classical music and concert halls. Expensive and big organisation effort. There are many other suitable solutions to find classical music listeners.

publish February 12, 2018 1416
Discover what keeps you going after 45…

Blog about inspirational power of hobbies

publish January 25, 2018 936
Rami Bar-Niv
Fantasy Notes Interview with Israeli composer/pianist Rami Bar-Niv

Rami Bar-Niv talks about the noblest art form - music - and why music can fill people's hearts with so much beauty.

publish January 22, 2018 333
Learning from History – is culture an option? Lessons from the Barock times.

Learning from History – is culture an option? Lessons from the Barock time. Essay after reading the article in DAMALS 9-2016 by Prof. Dr. Peter Hersche

publish January 17, 2018 686
Slow Watching and Relaxed Listening: Hearing with Eyes and Seeing with Ears

"My Creativity Break": 3 minutes of slow watching and relaxed listening, human attention and interplay of images and music, possibility to attract more people to classical music through visual keys.

publish January 16, 2018 708
Notes on the classical music: playing Beethoven in T shirt and sport shoes?

Blog about classical music and fashion, Mozart love of luxury, what the stars of classical music wear on stage, embodied cognition and most importantly: Will Beethoven sound differently depending on the attire of the musician?

publish December 30, 2017 1109

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