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Should we learn to play an instrument?

Today I am going to speak about the reasons to learn a music instrument.

I think nobody will deny that learning an instrument for a kid will bring him benefits and be a perfect pastime but when it comes to adults, we often consider learning an instrument waste of time…when small kids reach the age of teenagers, they would often stop practicing, as a rule of thumb i can say that teenagers who continue playing, usually make it to professional musicians.

Why do people learn an instrument? A simple reason is that it is big fun!

Making music can be very emotional and pleasurable experience but there is more to say why it is worth your efforts to learn an instrument! I would like to share some psychological facts with you.

The first finding is: Playing an instrument increases cognitive skills, in other words, makes you smarter. It makes sense, playing an instrument is a complex undertaking with much coordination, we see, we hear, we work with fingers, and all simultaneously!

10 thousand hours are needed for anybody to reach an expert level. We have little time but many wishes, we are also impatient as bad luck have it, some beautiful music pieces are fiendishly hard to play, just think of Chopin! So by learning your instrument, you learn to be more patient.
Another important aspect is learning to concentrate. Playing requires the ability to devote yourself completely to one thing and stay concentrated for some time. So playing an instrument increases your span of attention.

The next aspect might surprise many. There is a relationship between musical and mathematical abilities. Many think of musicians as being completely ignorant when it comes to math, but it is the other way round. Learning instrument and music theory includes many mathematical aspects. Even reading notes and counting the rhythm involves math understanding. So you develop your math skills too.

The next challenge is time and when to practice. Even if you are a concert pianist, you will be surprised to hear that you will never have enough time! So the process of finding time for playing an instrument teaches you how to organize yourself. It is definitely a very valuable skill for your business life.
Fun part of playing an instrument is meeting new people and socializing. Unless you are a pianist, you will always need at least one more musician to join you. So you need to be good at working with others and cooperating with them. Music playing will boost your team skills too.

Music as a way of self –expression gives you a chance to be individualistic, you choose your instrument, then your musical style, your piece, and you play it your way.
And I particularly like this idea: it is about the joy of sharing: you play your instrument for somebody special, letting others to participate in your music. It can be a gratifying experience. To hear audience applaud you can give you an extra kick. Or do you get nervous when you hear it? We will talk about it in our next blog.

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