The right allocation of money for classical music

It is not good. Munich has decided to renovate its old concert hall instead of building a new one. And now the whole classical lobby is attacking the decision makers like a wolf pack.
The columnist Gustav Seibt writes in the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” that every child who has seen the beauty and grandeur of an opera will never forget it. For him the world of beauty and profoundness can only continue to exist if they are performed at outstanding locations. The decision against a new concert hall is for him like a destruction of culture.
A very strong group of supporters for a new concert hall is now trying to tip the decision. Especially the columnists in the newspapers and the traditional opera visitors have built up a strong lobby against the Governor of Bavaria and the Mayor of Munich who decided for the renovation solution.
There is a simple theory of Olson which describes the situation: There is a small group of supporters of a new concert hall and a much bigger group which does not want to spend so much money. Olson says that the small group will organize themselves very well and fight hard to get a decision in their favour. They have excellent access to the press and lobbyists who are close to the decision makers. On the other side the much bigger group will not get organized so well and will not fight so hard because they have much less to lose. This is the reason why the minority often wins over the majority.
Where are all the unknown musicians who would like to play in an affordable small concert hall? They do not organize themselves as a lobby group. Where are all the classical music lovers who would like to go to cheap concerts? Also they will not organize themselves as a group!
The big group has no lobby! And the small group is very professionally organized.
The Governor and Mayor have decided well! Go for a smaller solution. But please do not forget to provide unknown musicians with small concert halls and enable the mayority of the population to visit cheap concerts. This way you will make more people happy! Country:Germany

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