Roberto Santucci

Pianist and composer




Approach. My father was a psychiatrist and lover of classical music, and is great dream was that the first son becomes a musician! The dream came true! Thanks Daddy! Motto I love my profession of Pianist and Composer and teach piano. I love to give concerts to communicate through my music the emotions I feel when my brain is in contact with all the people of "all" walks of life who would listen to me. I am very passionate about it. I love Friendship, hate injustice, falsehood and especially the false people My favorite Quote: There are two wonderful phrases that have always accompanied me in every aspect of my life! "There is a tide in human affairs which taken at the flood leads on to fortune", from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and "Everything that does not kill you, strengthens you" by Nietzsche.

Roberto Santucci, a native of Cagliari, is a pianist whose fame as a composer and performer is now worldwide. He graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Cagliari, perfected his studies at the renowned Mozarteum in Salzburg. His style was influenced by composers WA Mozart, Chopin and S. Rachmaninoff. After vital and rewarding years of concerts, he develops his distinctive taste as a composer: an intense style, deeply melodic and capable right from the start to get right to contact with the emotions of the listener - style will be critically described as "New Age Classical". His reputation as a musician grows quickly and just as quickly goes beyond many geographical boundaries: many are in fact the locations around the world where Roberto Santucci was able to present his art and get strong appreciation - Paris, Belgium, Latvia, Russia , and of course Italy, especially in the city of Rome. As proof of his identity as artist, Roberto Santucci worked with professionals from various fields, from the sculptor and painter Anna Izzo to Swedish photographer Leif Sylvan to Italian director Claudio Sestieri. In 2008, his song "The Island of Your Dreams", taken from 'album "Atlantis Submerged", was the first in the charts of Radio in New York's website the American critic Eric Lawrence describes Roberto Santucci "as a pianist “best of its kind" and his music "timeless". Beside his concert activity and composition, Roberto Santucci teaches with passion in his home town Cagliari.