Théâtre du Jorat

Suisse1083 Mézières



The Théâtre du Jorat has been opened in 1908. The concept is a way between tradition and modernity. The concert hall is a wood structure that gives place for 1000 visitors. The goal is to provide a room for popular theater for all audiences and all generations.

The Théâtre du Jorat is not subsidized. It has to finance about 80% of a budget of about 3 million Suisse Francs. This means that they need each year nearly two and a half million francs in terms of sponsorship and ticketing. It's huge, knowing that in a circumference of forty kilometers they compete directly with nearly thirty theaters.

Music Program

Symphonie N° 5 de Beethoven
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Des oeuvres magistrales de Haendel et Bach
Ensemble Vocal Instrumental Lausanne

Geneva Camerata

La fête aux choeurs
Deux spectacles dirigés par Dominique Tille, l’un avec le Trio Nørn, l’autre avec le Boulouris 4+2