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amsterdam muziekgebouw inside view


Dubbed the concert hall of the 21st century, Muziekgebouw is a fully-equipped facility of medium-size. Located in Amsterdam, the Muziekgebouw has a multi-purpose auditorium that houses 735 seated viewers or 1,500 standing guests. For smaller events, the Muziekgebouw also features a hall that seats 100 spectators. Full service catering and conference services are available at the hall. Other amenities include offices for ensembles and music organisations and rehearsal areas for musicians. The Muziekgebouw's birth in 2005 denotes a historic moment in Dutch music. The arrival of the new concert hall was sparked by Amsterdam's flourishing orchestral culture. In the 1970's, the ensembles began breaking free of traditional musical practices and quickly grew to gain international attention. As the culture developed with it came more musicians until the need for a new, larger facility could no longer be ignored. Today the Muziekgebouw hosts multimedia concerts, special series, thematic projects, and other musical developments. Its stage and auditorium have a much larger capacity then the Concertgebouw. The exterior of the Muziekgebouw is as exquisite as its interior. It is often referred to as a glass masterpiece that accents the harbor. Aside from its beauty, the hall also offers award-winning acoustic features. Practically brand new, the Muziekgebouw serves as a beautiful tourist attraction as well. The hall is home to the legendary jazz club, Bimhuis. It also features a quaint cafÈ with seating that boasts a view of the beautiful harbor. In 2006, the concert hall was honored with the international Award for Excellence Europe by the American Land Institute. It was also nominated for the national Gouden Piramide.

Music Program

Ralph van Raat + Saskia Lankhoorn
Piano Marathon

Amsterdams Gmengd Koor
Viva Vivaldi

Holland Baroque Society
Bachs Brandenburgische Concerts

Capella Amsterdam
Rachmaninov Vespers

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