Jennifer Pike, violin; Craig Leon, Moog synthesizers and conductor; Sinfonietta Cracovia. Sony 88875052612. Turn back the clock; we're all young again.

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In the mid Sixties Dr. Robert Moog invented the Moog music synthesizer. A couple of years later, American composer and electronic musician Wendy Carlos put the instrument on the map with the best-selling album Switched-On Bach. Now, we go back to the future with Bach to Moog ….. read more


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I was recently asked by a classical string musician friend if I would compose a short mischievous piano piece called Cheeky Monkey. I completed the task, and here I have used the tune as a soundtrack to an 8mm short film my brothers & I made as kids

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During a concert on 10-26-14 the Sirius Quartet premiered Guenter Buhles’ String Quartet No. 5 “Beaulieu” in the HfG-Archiv Ulm. The work was composed in 2006. This is the last of four movements. The musicians are Fung Chern Hwei and Gregor Huebner (violins), Ron Lawrence (viola) and Jeremy Harman (cello). A video of the complete work can be found on he composer’s youtube account:

Günter Buhles - A Dream

A Dream” is a song on a poem of Edgar Allam Poe for voice and piano, composed by Guenter Buhles in 2003. It is part of the cycle “Four Songs of American Classics”, that contains two poems of each: Poe and Walt Whitman. The recital took place in Stadthaus Ulm, Germany, in 2007.The complete cycle can be heard under the link “Musikbeispiele” on

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This Saxophone Quartet No. 2 “La Couronne” has been composed in 2006, and it was premiered by the “Ulmer Saxophone Quartett” (Dieter Kraus, ss; David Ritscher, as; Christopher Hupe, ts; Ralf Ritscher, bs) in Ulm, Germany 2007. I has been performed again in concert 2014 in Neu-Ulm. The work is closely related to my first sax quartet from 1994, which was written for the quartet “Saxofourte”, and played many times on an international tournee of this ensemble. Both saxophone quartets appeared in print in Edition Rhapsody – . The material can be ordered by contact on this website.

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This opera “Die Judenbuche” has been composed in 2001/02, based on Annette von Droste-Hülshoff’s famous 19th century romantic novel. It was an order of the Ulmer Theater by its Intendant Ansgar Haag, and premiered in 2003 in a chamber version in the “Podium” of the city of Ulm’s theatre. Thomas Mandl conducted a chamber orchestra of the Ulm Philharmonics, the production was directed by Alexander Kangan in the design of Gerrit Schulze Uphoff and Sybille Gänßlen-Zeit, the light was designed by Peter Perkovac. The main roles were played by Thomas Kuckler, Ks. Martha Dewal, Eva Zettl, Ks. Norbert Burger, Thomas Schön, Ulla Willick (speaking voice). The reviews of the production in newspapers, magazines and radio were favourable, most of ten perfromances were sold out. A new production of “Die Judenbuche” is projected in Luzern, Switzerland. This video contains the ouverture, the “Sturmmusik I” and the first two scenes. The video has been made by Ralf Zwiebler (camera). The copyright for the work is in the hands of Guenter Buhles (see profile!) who can also supply the material for further productions.

Classical music and concert halls. Expensive and big organisation effort. There are many other suitable solutions to find classical music listeners.

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There are many ways of presenting classical music. One of the most important is it to organise a concert in a concert hall. But this is not possible for everybody. Concert halls are very expensive and it is not so easy to fill them with audience. Therefore we search places where good musicians can find their audience. It is clear that there are unlimited possibilities. But we are searching for places that combine different features and that enable also the access to classical music listeners who do not go normally in a concert hall.


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