Introduction speech by Vincent Corver about music and social media

In this age of instant gratification our lives from a young age are consumed by the presence of iPhones, iPads, TV-screens and other electronics that cause the decay of our own imagination, and thereby the failing desire to shape goals which may realize our dreams.

Social Media is showing us a world of lifestyle illusions, which we desperately seek to imitate and identify ourselves with. Portraying our desires on the wall as a moment in time, but not teaching us their factual realism, working hardship and the sweat and tears behind them.

Our fears of social rejection are ever-growing. We choose to advocate jealousy, negative criticism and competitiveness over kindness and our willingness to share positive thoughts. We are so desperately absorbed by our own style and image, we forget to experience what is factually around us and how we may aspire to grow as individuals with passion and vision. We forget to actually see the opportunities that are given to us on daily basis and how we may use them to open new doors and create new opportunities in our own life.

In this ‘social world’ we all share a common desire: recognition - even in the smallest of forms. Yet we often fail to realize that recognition is reflected by outreach, which in turn creates comeback, which in turn generates recognition. We forget a compliment may have a profound impact on someone’s life, thus to be kind to others who are battling for their dreams. In all sincerity, the compliment is the very ‘seed’ that grows into the tree of talent existing in all of us.

People often forget our human abilities are endless, and with the right passion and immortal determination we are granted the opportunity to achieve the impossible. Essentially, our curiosity is King. Education becomes the art form of teaching us to listen out for moments of opportunity. Often the most meaningless moments may appear the most valuable in the end, like a simple ‘knock on the door’.

Vincent Corver
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