World Piano Music: Jean Kleeb – Ipirungaua


Anna Sutyagina plays Ipirungaua by Jean Kleeb from Suite for Piano “Southway” Modern Worldmusic for Piano – Helbling Verlag 2019 Our first Video of the Week in the year 2020 is a pure discovery! Imagine you stand in the middle of Patagonia and you are listening very carefully with all sensitivity to all sounds around you. Welcome to the world of the composer Jean Kleeb in his composition “Ipirungaua”. The piece incorporates impressions of the landscapes of Patagonia, motifs from legends of Indian cultures and Latin America’s attitude towards life into modern tonal language. Because of its compositional versatility, it creates a far-reaching and attractive synthesis of styles from classic and folklore, tradition and modern, e- and underground music. Jazz elements also flash repeatedly. Kleeb’s Latin American sources of inspiration are most evident in rhythm. Diverse changing, original rhythm and bar structures give the work its very own character. Also refreshing are the sound patterns that originate from the Indian tradition, which always enable melodiously clear musical solutions. This creates a powerful, partly beguiling, partly stirring piece of modern world music. Discover more new piano music with Moving Classics TV – curated discovery place. If you like my videos, please consider becoming a Patron:  #modernworldmusic #newpianomusic #movingclassics