The Triumph of the Water Witch – Marc Mellits


Anna Sutyagina plays “Agu II. The Triumph of the Water Witch” by Marc Mellits

This is the second movement of the three movement work. Cool and groovy. For classical contemporary and popular music lovers willing to explore.
The suite “Agu” was written in 2004 for Andrew Russo on a commission from the James S. Marcus Foundation.

Marc Mellits was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1966. He was already composing piano music before he started formal piano lessons at age six. He went on to study at the Eastman School of Music, Yale School of Music, Cornell University, and Tanglewood. His composition teachers during this period included Samuel Adler, Martin Bresnick, Bernard Rands, Christopher Rouse, Joseph Schwantner, Roberto Sierra, and Steven Stucky, yet one hears other influences in Mellits’ music. The sound worlds of Steve Reich (whom Mellits considers a mentor) and Philip Glass resonate inside of this music, not to mention the rock and funk music from his childhood in the seventies. Mellits is a miniaturist, composing works that are comprised of short, contrasting movements. His music is eclectic, all-encompassing, and open to reflecting whatever enters his life and mind during the period of creation.

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The full suite will be released soon 🙂