Tan Dun – Floating Clouds Eight Memories in Watercolor

tan dun

Anna Heller plays the “Floating Clouds” by Tan Dun 谭盾 – Eight Memories in Watercolor.
Over the past two decades, Chinese-American composer Tan Dun (b. 1957) has emerged as one of today’s most sought-after composers. He draws from a variety of Western and Chinese influences and combines them into autobiographical story.
The opus Nr. 1 was created in 1978-1979 when Tan Dun was still a student and feeling homesick inspired him to create the set of 8 piano pieces that are his „diary of longing“.
This composition is a part of my new recital program „Aquarelle“ – featuring meditative and gentle piano music with visual inspirations. „Floating Clouds“ sounds impressionistic and paints a musical picture of the sky. It is like lying on the grass on the sunny afternoon in summer and watching the clouds above.


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